Eve Market Tote

Eve Market Tote

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Tiffany Oversized Market Bag

- 20 inches L x 7.5 inches width x 14 inches height

- Perfect for going to the wet market, super market, or shopping

- Can be used for hauling items

- made from 100% abaca fiber, the strongest sustainable plant fiber. This material is so strong, it has been used for nautical rope since the Spanish Galleon trade era. 


ABOUT Larone

 From the time my mother began her little workshop over 35 years ago, we have stayed true to our philosophy of living with sustainability in mind.

For us it means...
Thoughtfully designed and produced items which enhance and beautify our world, not wasteful nor harmful for the environment.

We hope you enjoy your Larone handbags as much as we've enjoyed creating them for you!