6 Tips on How you Can Decorate Your Home Naturally

1. A simple addition of plants.

Sometimes the addition of a single natural object can launch a vignette into perfection. Look for plants that have interesting shapes and colors and are to scale with the rest of the display.

2.Handwoven baskets for catch-alls, trays, and containers.

Go all out with the nature theme and slide natural finds into places where the function is the primary purpose. Take, for example, a handwoven basket made of natural fibers can pretty much accentuate the vibe while holding some of your favorite fruits.

3. Green. Greener. Greenest!

For your next centerpiece or tabletop display, try this: Gather an assortment of cylindrical vases in various sizes, along with large leaves in a variety of textures and color striations. Put a bit of water in the vases and tuck the leaves inside for a natural display with a modern twist.

4. Did we say branches on your wall?

For wall art with dimension, hang a twisty, tangly branch on the wall. Try any branches, which have forked, spindly tines.

5. Mix and match

Combining elements found in different natural settings create a unique style statement. And you don't have to group your displays based on what is found in the same environments: Pair weaved baskets with flowers, coral with cacti, and river rocks with palm fronds. Try this: a seashell filled with tiny pebbles and succulents. The combination of elements adds the perfect amount of natural style.


Carpets don't just magically make you fly. You can also use carpets made of natural fibers such as jute or abaca to easily add some nice texture to the room.

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