5 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint as a Small Business

At Larone, we care deeply about the environment and about reducing our carbon footprint. It isn't enough that our product and operations are as green as possible. We look for ways to save energy and natural resources in our office and factory, here are some not-so-obvious ways that you may want to try yourself:

1. Each light bulb has a switch of its own. This way we only turn on the lights that are needed to light the work area of an individual person.

2. In my office, we installed some glass panels on the wall to let natural light in. This allows me to have adequate lighting without having to switch on all the lights.

3. I wear summer dresses and lightweight clothing everyday, not just because I live in a tropical country, but also so I never have to turn on the air conditioning in my office, like ever!

4. We strategically placed a bougainvillea plant outside which grew into a beautiful canopy of vines and flowers over the property which shades areas where it would have been too sunny. This cools the office areas that would otherwise have needed more energy to cool.

5. We use a pail of water to flush toilets rather than pulling the lever, this allows us to control the amount of water needed to flush.

It's the small things that you do that matter, let's all do our part.

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