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Larone Artisans offers unique purses, painstakingly made by hand, from natural plant fibers transformed by the exquisite artisanship of centuries-old traditional weaving techniques in rural communities and tribes across the Philippines.

Run by the third generation of a family with a long, respected history in traditional crafts, Larone Artisans is overseen by Jennifer Lo based in Manila, and Leticia Labre based in New York. With each Larone bag, they strive to create a roving piece of art that tells a story of a passion for contemporary fashion, underpinned by a legacy in traditional craft techniques, and an enduring commitment to excellence.


All the processes used to create a Larone Artisans purse are by hand. From the extraction and dyeing of fibers, to the weaving and assembly of the bag, each step of the process is labor-intensive and is a labor of love.

In focusing on traditional craft techniques as our niche, Larone Artisans plays a critical role in the preservation and flourish of local arts and culture. 


Larone Artisans bags are made of all-natural plant fibers, paired with other natural materials such as wood, shell, and semi-precious stones to deliver a product inspired by nature and created from nature.

The plant fibers are indigenous to the Philippines and are sustainable in that they are abundant, easy to grow, and harvested and planted in a manner to ensure supply. Our materials are locally sourced, greatly reducing our carbon footprint.  Our handmade process naturally curtails energy consumption. Our design and production can be found in the same space, enabling us to create each purse in a way that reduces wastage, and maximizes the aesthetic and functional potential of each material. 

At Larone Artisans, sustainability is about a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. We revel in being part of a network of fellow entrepreneurs, suppliers, artisans, and clients who understand slow fashion and sustainable fashion, and relish the learning exchange with these stakeholders.


Larone Artisans provides livelihood for more than 300 marginalized women and communities of local craftsmen and women. We source fibers and materials from local farmers and cooperatives. Our business model is flexible by design in order to enable us to work with microbusinesses or individual artisans wherever they are based. This in turn provides economic activity for whole neighborhoods and regions.  It enables artisans to continue creating their art.

We work with a fair price set by the artisans themselves. We support artisans by providing funding up front, for materials or other needs. In this way, we act as a micro-financier at the grassroots level, making a direct and positive impact on artisans' lives.

Thank you for supporting Larone Artisans!

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